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The Elder Group requests your help: To all my colleagues, clients, and friends. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a foundation that has touched my heart. As many of you know, I’ve been working with challenged children in several states across America. It’s been my mission to do my part and help these splendid youths achieve their potential. 
The Four Oaks Foundation has thoroughly impressed me. Their staff is committed to these youths in such a meaningful way that it touched my heart. Clearly, this foundation is helping these young people matter in so many ways.
My request is that you take a look at all they provide and let’s all help them with whatever you can give so we all can help these splendid young people and their families know that there are people in the world who say “YES I CARE”! Let’s all do our part and make a difference for them.
In gratitude,

Andrew J. Elder, President & CEO
The Elder Group, LLC
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      Four Oaks Donation     Four Oaks’ Holistic Care Model

From a home in rural Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1973, Four Oaks has grown to become one of Iowa’s strongest organizations devoted to helping children and families succeed through a powerful network of programs and services that are rooted in the family. 48 years later, our mission is still the same, “To assure children become successful adults.”

In 2020, Four Oaks helped ensure the success of over 27,000 children and families across the state of Iowa. Our holistic care model, TotalChild®, has transformed the organization into a high-performance, outcome-based culture. Four Oaks’ TotalChild® approach addresses the key risk and protective factors across four domains including childhood basic needs, education & work, family, and community.

Our objective is to achieve positive short and long-term outcomes for children and their families facing multiple challenges including homelessness, lack of parenting skills, poverty, under or unemployment, and unstable housing. We follow the child and their families for many years to help support long-term success.

When a family comes to us through TotalChild®, they are connected with a Success Manager that helps connect them to resources and services to support them through their barriers to success. Our powerful network of services and programs enables us to create a continuum of care that holistically addresses the needs of children and families, whatever they may be.

To learn more about Four Oaks and our TotalChild® approach, please visit or check out our FY20 Annual Report at   Twitter LinkedIn Website     Copyright © 2021 The Elder Group, LLC, All rights reserved.


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