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A Message from the President & CEO of The Elder Group

To all our Friends, Clients and Colleagues:

We are all experiencing a very challenging time. This virus is impacting all of us both mentally and economically. There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding our future and what it will look like. My thoughts on this topic are clear.  I’ve gathered some of the finest minds in the country, who specialize in healthcare, real estate, finance, and architecture.  We will be having a discussion regarding the future landscape of business in those areas. Shortly you will be receiving a personal biography of these speakers. This live panel discussion will take place very soon. Everyone invited will receive a call-in number and pin number to gain access to this live interactive discussion. The date and time will be announced soon.

As citizens of the United States, we have endured many struggles throughout our history. We have fought together and succeeded together. There has always been great strength in our numbers and our love for our country and each other. We will defeat this virus together and once again continue on the path of economic growth together. The landscape may look different but as we adapt, we will succeed.

God bless you and God bless our country.

Andrew J. Elder
President & CEO
The Elder Group, LLC

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Mr. Elder and I were discussing work recently when he said something that I consider another Elder-ism.

Elder Group is about all access to real excellence and talent.

Andrew J. Elder, 2019

This sentence just struck me as so powerful, I had to share with you.
Thanks for reading, Kathy


DSC_0273I had the honor of visiting the National Fire Academy at Emmitsburg, MD to give a Keynote Address for the 1st Annual United States Fire Administration National Professional Development Symposium on June 12, 2014. I presented to a group of fire fighters and educators about conversations from the Field to the Boardroom. My assistant Kathy lives nearby and took the pictures.

Feel free to visit the picture gallery to view.


DSC_0227This year at the 7th annual Elder Group Turkey & Trout Hunt, I was happy to take pictures. Only problem was, I was taking everything but the people. I apologize for not having any People shots!   But I hope you enjoy them anyway. Please visit the picture gallery.

Thank you,

Kathy McCabe
Elder Group Executive Secretary


Hello All:

The picture gallery featuring photos from the 6th Annual Turkey & Trout hunt is updated.  To visit, please click here.

This year was an extraordinary year! I had the pleasure of introducing my fiance Michael McCabe to the group, as well as our ‘child’ Patches.

I hope everyone who attended had a great time – I know I did!

Kathy Ritchie
Elder Group, Executive Secretary