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The Elder Group requests your help: To all my colleagues, clients, and friends. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a foundation that has touched my heart. As many of you know, I’ve been working with challenged children in several states across America. It’s been my mission to do my part and help these splendid youths achieve their potential. 

I was lucky to be able to mentor several of the young people in the TotalChild® program and am very impressed with their splendid work. 

My request is that you take a look at all they provide and let’s all help them with whatever you can give so we all can help these splendid young people and their families know that there are people in the world who say “YES I CARE”! Let’s all do our part and make a difference for them.

In gratitude,

Andrew J. Elder, President & CEO
The Elder Group, LLC
877-687-5867 Office
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Supporting Tomorrow’s Workforce Today: Four Oaks TotalChild® Workforce

Four Oaks is committed to ensuring the long-term success of our children and families. Our TotalChild® approach enables us to create a continuum of care that allows us to work toward achieving positive short and long-term outcomes for children and their families.

With this philosophy in mind, we created TotalChild® Workforce, our workforce development program that supports youth through high school graduation, into and through post-secondary training or education, and into a stable job and self-sufficiency by age 26.

TotalChild® Workforce addresses career readiness and placement skills including higher education and training, internships, job shadowing, and more. By partnering with community organizations and companies, we are able to provide real-life job shadowing and internship experiences, as well as community mentors that provide guidance for TotalChild® youth. By offering a glimpse into what industries are available and how successful professionals have reached their professional goals, we can inspire, encourage, and support our participants to reach their professional goals.

To see the impact of TotalChild® Workforce, check out this recent news article on the mentorship component of the program and Workforce participant Daysha Gibson:


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