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Today we are happy to speak with Glenn Marthens, President & CEO of MiltonTerry. MiltonTerry is a leader in commercial office furniture layout, design, installation, and service in Northern New Jersey metro area. Serving the needs of over 4,000 customers since 1975.

Mr. Elder: What do you attribute your success?

Mr. Marthens: I truly believe it is a matter of staying focused on the core business. Of course extraordinary customer service, no debt, continuous improvements to our processes and lots and lots of hours helped the cause as well. The Key is to be unique, make it easy for your clients to do business with you and let someone else be the hero for a job well done!

Mr. Elder: How do you find your opportunities?

Mr. Marthens: Most of our opportunities are from referrals by existing clients, networking and strategic partners. We do very little marketing. We have just started a monthly newsletter by email.

Mr. Elder: How does your internal staff function?

Mr. Marthens: Business is all about the processes which are implemented and after 30+ years of business we have a good idea which processes can help us streamline and minimize issues for our clients. As for the staff; First we check our egos at the door, second we cross train employees as much as possible. One of the things I am most proud of is that my staff, which is a collection of sales, designers, administrative, warehouse and installation folks, can communicate very well because we don't place one department or person on a pedestal. Our sales and design departments cannot function nearly as well with out a first rate administrative, customer service, warehouse or installation team that support them and they all must respect one another.

Mr. Elder: Does your team function as one unit in and out of the field?

Mr. Marthens: We pride ourselves in our logistics! Yes, we are a design firm but design fluff is worthless unless you have a sound and fundamental logistics/process behind every installation, large or small, from beginning to end!

Mr. Elder: How do you promote your business?

Mr. Marthens: The best way to promote your business is to provide a service that will absolutely WOW your clients. Exceeding the clients expectations by providing extraordinary service, making the process very easy and allowing the client to look good when the Job is done. This will allow us to ask that client for help by referring us to the building management or to someone that can benefit from our services! It really works!!!

Mr. Elder: Where do you see your business as a whole in 10 years?

Mr. Marthens: If we continue on our current path, I can see us evolving into a premier dealership. Today we are a hybrid of both New and Pre-owned office furniture with related design and relocation services. I want to continue to grow all four areas as well as expanding our "Green" story. Today we have 2 LEED accredited members, one being myself. Our Pre-owned division has an excellent reputation; we avoid almost 250 tons of furniture ending up in the local landfills by reselling 200 tons and recycling over 50 tons of scrap metal and cardboard a year! I would like to add to our reputation by earning the LEED certification to our building by adding Solar Panels.

Mr. Elder: What are some of the challenges you face as a business owner and how do you rise above them?

Mr. Marthens: I am fortunate because we have 10 employees and over 120 years experience. My challenge is to encourage my core team to continue to grow and adapt to the changes in the industry and in the world itself. We have to continue to set ourselves apart from our competition by becoming more creative and inventive of the items our clients perceive as most important to them.

Mr. Elder: What sets MiltonTerry apart from other furniture companies?

Mr. Marthens: We make it easy and we try to educate our clients as to the options available to them regardless of their budget! We are unique as having both New and Pre-owned options as well as Free space planning and design services. We also control our own in house warehousing and installation services. We do what we say we are going to do.

Mr. Elder: Can you share a success story about one of your clients (without naming names of course)?

Mr. Marthens: I would love too! You introduced me to an architect Barry Poskanser, after a quick phone conversation between Barry and I, he invited me to his office. I met with Barry and we had a wonderful conversation and a month later he called me to assist him and his designer on a $1,000,000 (yes, Million $) list project. We worked together for the next 6 months designing and selecting the products that was eventually delivered and installed in their NY state office. Things we so well that they invited us to design their expansion in NY state as well as in Canada. The Designer Diane Picyk recommended that we should apply for an interior design award, so she applied and won a Gold award from the American Society of Interior Designers. Now that's a success story! Thanks to Andy we are very proud to tell our story!!!

Glenn Marthens, President & CEO, MiltonTerry
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