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We’ve all done it: made a cold call, tried to sell something when the customer didn’t have a stated need, or worst of all, attempted to sell without really knowing anything about the customer or he about us.

A clear alternative – With an Elder Group introduction, the dialogue begins with a knowledge of the prospect, his need and a brief (by us) to the prospect of why he should reach out or take your call. The prospect knows about you and what your solution can do for him – before the first word is exchanged between the two of you. This exclusive service is focused on leveraging the power of networks – in your favor. It is not about lists and volumes of names.

There are no surprises – When each party understands what is in it for them, the process of delivering real solutions and sales becomes easy. We help to insure that the hot buttons and needs are clear and up front.

Referrals that develop a cascade of additional referrals – One of the byproducts, we have noticed, of creating loyalty, real value, and powerful relationships, is the predisposition of these new customers to turn into referral sources themselves. Suddenly a campaign of business development from the Elder group establishes its own life and momentum and there is a multiplier effect for your sales and marketing.