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We develop CEO to CEO meetings.

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The Elder Group System

Your business is not static.

Our methodology is a four stage approach to business development:

1. Business analysis – We look at the problems you solve, the real value you deliver, the profiles of your best customers, the products that drive business and the solutions that together, form your critical relationships and success.

2. Marketplace definition – We review your critical marketplace and line up targets with your business sweet spots.

3. Prospect Introductions – Based on a literal and virtual network of like-minded businesses and customer prospects, we target, define and reach out to specific customer prospects and give them a reason to connect

4. Client support – Though turning the introduction into opportunity rests with you and your business development team, we offer full marketing, communications and business support to make sure you can receive the full potential of this investment of time and money in your growth and success.

5. Sales training – Sales training is generally offered to existing clients only, however for the right business the Elder Group is able to create a specific sales training or broker training methodology that works. We generally speak to or deliver our message to senior or mid-level sales people or brokers. Each seminar is custom designed with the client in mind.

Your business is not static. We continually maintain real time dialogue with you to insure that our introductions and marketing support address your changing critical needs, market place presence and your product solutions.

The methodology begins with specific strategies for your business. Click here to reach out directly, now, and begin the dialogue that can redefine the very nature of your business.